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New Item Manufacturing Requests  

Okay, please keep this simple and within reason. I want to know what you are searching for but absolutely cant find in the way of good used parts. I will keep track of requests for future consideration. We need to prove to the manufacturers that there is demand for certain items. For instance...gas tanks,fuel senders,radiator overflow bottles,windshield washer bottles,quality 1/4 panels. I make no promises whatsoever at this point. I only promise you that I will keep track and use this information in the future to try and prove a demand for an item. So e-mail me with your requests. I probably will not respond to these e-mails but rest assured that I am keeping track of requests. Please, again, keep it simple and do not e-mail me with requests for items that can be found used or are so small that it really doesnt matter. Lets take the time and prove demand for some items that are important like I listed above. (Hits: 19912)

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